Much of everyday household waste, such as Furniture and Cardboard can be reused and recycled to prevent these items from filling up landfills.  Bring in your sofas, love seats, dining room tables, mattresses, box springs, etc.  We will recycle these products properly to help reduce waste and protect the environment.  Please note that the number of these items we are allowed to take is limited for each day.


You can help minimize the construction and demolition material waste by developing a construction demolition recycling plan before beginning your project, and dismantling the demolition debris in such a way that salvageable material is maximized. At our facility we can take materials such as bricks, metal, doors, sinks, toilets, roofing materials, plywood, concrete, fiberboard etc, and reuse and recycle them for new uses, reducing your carbon footprint.


The majority of mattresses are made out of materials that can be recycled and reused: wood can be chipped and burned, springs can be melted down for use in other products, fiber and foam can be reused as stuffing / installation etc. With millions of mattresses going to the landfill each year, proper mattress recycling can have a significant impact in the reduction of green house gas emissions.